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Value Holsters

Mar 12th 2018

I have gotten a TON of feedback about our new value holster line! I have also gotten a lot of questions about this product, so I will try to clear some of those up here. Number one question is... … read more

Differences in holster styles

Aug 16th 2017

IWB? OWB? Hybrid? What do all those letters mean? That's the most common question we get around here. So I am going to break all this down for you and help you figure out which style is right for you. … read more
Brand Spanking New and a little about us

Brand Spanking New and a little about us

Jul 29th 2017

****** We have just launched this bad boy today, so we are asking for your feedback. Your opinion means a lot to us. At the same time we ask for your patience if you come across any glitches, let us k … read more