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Brand Spanking New and a little about us

Brand Spanking New and a little about us

Jul 29th 2017

****** We have just launched this bad boy today, so we are asking for your feedback. Your opinion means a lot to us. At the same time we ask for your patience if you come across any glitches, let us know and we will get them corrected ASAP. ******

 We are a husband and wife team, in the heart of middle Tennessee, who have slowly been building this little hobby up into a little business. We are very proud of the products we put out there, and work extremely hard to make sure you get the most quality for your dollar. We understand that the custom holster market is flooded, and in that flood is a ton of very good makers. Also, there are a ton of makers who only make horrible products, are only wanting to separate you from your money and have no pride in their work. We want you to know that we stand behind our work 1000% and we are passionate about your concealed carry options.

  Now more than ever, it is important to carry for your protection and that of your family. We want to make sure you can carry with a quality product that is comfortable, because if its not comfortable you will not carry it. So we will always put comfort before looks, but we think our stuff still looks really damn good.

 We hope to be adding video content soon to the page, and will try to update product pictures often. There are several more products that will be added to the site very soon also. And please stop by our Facebook and Instagram pages and give us a like or a follow. We try to be very active on those platforms so give us a shout on there! And PLEASE tag us in your pics, we love it!

Finally, we just wanted everyone who stops by to know that we appreciate each and every one of you! Even if you don't buy today, we still appreciate you checking us out! By buying from us, you are supporting a small, American, family run business, and it is truly family owned and operated. We watch our kids play in the yard while we bend your holster, we stay up late and get up early to get your product to you. So again, thank you for choosing us. 

Sam "Bumper" Cooper and Carrie Cooper

owners and operators 

Cooper Custom Kydex