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Differences in holster styles

Aug 16th 2017

IWB? OWB? Hybrid? What do all those letters mean? That's the most common question we get around here. So I am going to break all this down for you and help you figure out which style is right for you. Hopefully there will be videos to follow in the next few days. 

IWB: Inside the waistband. This is a deep concealment holster that goes inside your pants. It can be covered with a light shirt without any trouble. There are some clip styles that allow your shirt to be tucked in over the gun, which makes for a very concealable option. They do take some getting used to and you must dedicate some time to practice your draw. The IWB option also prints very little compared to the OWB. This is a difficult option to draw from if you are in a car and buckled in.

Our standard model comes with a non tuckable 1.5" Clip. We do carry tuckable options. 

OWB: Outside the waistband. This is the strong side, open carry option. This style holster can also be covered with a light shirt, but there will be some printing if that is something you are concerned about. With the OWB holster you trade some concealment for speed and comfort. The draw is quick even when covered with a light shirt, and easier to master than the IWB. 

Hybrid: IWB with a leather backer. This is the most comfortable IWB holster option. It is a kydex front with a heavy duty leather backer. It has the same pros/cons as a the standard IWB but the leather against the body instead of kydex makes for a more comfortable carry option, especially if you carry all day everyday. 

AIWB: Appendix Carry Inside The Waistband. This is about the same as a standard IWB except its in the 1 o'clock position instead of 3 o'clock. There are some heated discussions across the interwebz about this style of carry. For some people its a cult like following to appendix carry or to hate on people that appendix carry. I do not feel strongly either way as long as you practice your draw regularly. 

 I did not go into depth about each style of carry, I just wanted you to have the basic information. There is a ton of information out there. I think for most people, the type of carry you choose will not be the same every day. Some days the situation may call for deep concealment with an IWB and other days you may need the extra speed or comfort of an OWB. Plus you will need two different holsters which I LOVE lol. At the end of the day, the important thing is that you are carrying.