Value Holsters

Mar 12th 2018

I have gotten a TON of feedback about our new value holster line! I have also gotten a lot of questions about this product, so I will try to clear some of those up here. 

Number one question is...Why?

 Well I had several gun owners (read potential customers) complain that they would love to have a kydex holster but "the rent is to damn high!!" Now some of you may wonder why someone would buy a $500+ firearm and try to find the cheapest holster available. Well if you are on a budget and you have bought a quality firearm, then you have to feed it, and hopefully you are getting training also and none of that is cheap so you skimp where you can. Typically this is with the holster. 

With this information, I calculated the absolute lowest price I could possibly sell a quality holster and still profit without using inferior materials or cutting corners.  $20 and shipped for free was the magic number. 

It boils down to a passion to provide a quality holster for those guys on a budget. 

Second most asked question is... How?

 We only do a couple of guns and only in black and only with the most minimum of options. This allows us to buy JUST those materials in bulk and we can tool up for JUST those guns and crank them out at volume. Basically we set up a mini assembly line just for these guns. 

We do not use thinner kydex, its still .08. We don't use cheap Chinese hardware, its still good ole made in the USA components used on all our other holsters. 

Lastly.....Why is my gun not on the list?

 Just as described above, we do this to keep our set up time quick. I promise,if it is a gun we offer. it will have its turn on the value line! Right now we are offering 3 guns at a time, and that will soon change to just 2 at a time but they will rotate more often. 

 In closing, if i am being completely honest, the value line is just good for business. We hope those guys on a budget now, will want to spend a little more next time. Or the guy that just dropped some money on a kick ass OWB will consider this a sweet add on.  

At the end of the day we are just trying to do good to those of you in the gun community and hope the karma from it has a positive return.